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Destefanis, Alessandro; Angelini, Lorenzo; Borlizzi, Daniele; Carlucci, Alessandro; ... (2020)
Cultural tourism development and the impact on local communities: a case study from the South of Italy. In: CERN IDEASQUARE JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL INNOVATION, vol. 4, pp. 19-24. ISSN 2413-9505 Download fulltext
Destefanis, Alessandro; Neirotti, Paolo; Paolucci, Emilio; Raguseo, Elisabetta (2020)
The impact of Airbnb on the economic performance of independent hotels: an empirical investigation of the moderating effects. In: CURRENT ISSUES IN TOURISM, pp. 1-31. ISSN 1368-3500
Milone, Francesco Luigi; Destefanis, Alessandro (2020)
Airbnb Adoption Process from Home-Owners’ Perspective in Italian Market. In: ICDTRD 2020 : International Conference on Domestic Tourism and Rural Development, London (UK), August 20-21, 2020, pp. 1046-1056
Destefanis, Alessandro; Neirotti, Paolo; Raguseo, Elisabetta (2019)
The impact of Airbnb on the hotels’ economic performance: An empirical investigation of the moderating effects. In: XXX RIUNIONE SCIENTIFICA Annuale Associazione Italiana Ingegneria Gestionale, Torino, 17-18 ottobre 2019
Destefanis, Alessandro; Raguseo, Elisabetta; Paolucci, Emilio; Neirotti, Paolo; Panelli, ... (2019)
Estimating the impacts of Airbnb on the hotel industry: direct effects on performance and the moderating role of hotel location. In: IFKAD - Knowledge Ecosystems and Growth, Matera (IT), 7-9 giugno 2019. ISBN: 978-88-96687-12-3
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