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Full Professor

Member of Interdepartmental Center (Ec-L - Energy Center Lab)

+39 0110907242 / 7242 (DIGEP)

Most recent publications

Della Croce, Federico; Ghirardi, Marco; Scatamacchia, Rosario (2022)
Improved solution of the Budget constrained Fuel Treatment Scheduling problem and extensions. In: COMPUTERS & INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING, vol. 168. ISSN 0360-8352
Della Croce, Federico; Salassa, Fabio; T’Kindt, Vincent (2022)
Exact solution of the two-machine flow shop problem with three operations. In: COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH, vol. 138. ISSN 0305-0548
Carrabs, F.; Cerulli, R.; D'Ambrosio, C.; Della Croce, F.; Gentili, M. (2021)
An improved heuristic approach for the interval immune transportation problem. In: OMEGA, vol. 104. ISSN 0305-0483
Della Croce, F.; T'Kindt, V.; Ploton, O. (2021)
Parallel machine scheduling with minimum number of tardy jobs: Approximation and exponential algorithms. In: APPLIED MATHEMATICS AND COMPUTATION, vol. 397. ISSN 0096-3003
Shang, L.; T'Kindt, V.; Della Croce, F. (2021)
Branch & Memorize exact algorithms for sequencing problems: Efficient embedding of memorization into search trees. In: COMPUTERS & OPERATIONS RESEARCH, vol. 128. ISSN 0305-0548
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