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Gu, P.; Zhu, C.; Mura, A.; Maculotti, G.; Goti, E. (2022)
Grinding performance and theoretical analysis for a high volume fraction SiCp/Al composite. In: JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING PROCESSES, vol. 76, pp. 796-811. ISSN 1526-6125
Maculotti, G.; Goti, E.; Genta, G.; Mazza, L.; Galetto, M. (2022)
Uncertainty-based comparison of conventional and surface topography-based methods for wear volume evaluation in pin-on-disc tribological test. In: TRIBOLOGY INTERNATIONAL, vol. 165. ISSN 0301-679X
Maculotti, Giacomo; Genta, Gianfranco; Galetto, Maurizio (2021)
Uncertainty estimation by bootstrap sampling of area shape function in nano-indentation testing. In: Joint Virtual Workshop of ENBIS and MATHMET - Mathematical and Statistical Methods for Metrology MSMM 2021, Torino (ITA), 31 May - 1 June 2021, pp. 69-70
Maculotti, Giacomo; Genta, Gianfranco; Quagliotti, Danilo; Galetto, Maurizio; Hansen, ... (2021)
Gaussian process regression‐based detection and correction of disturbances in surface topography measurements. In: QUALITY AND RELIABILITY ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL. ISSN 0748-8017
Maculotti, G; Bonù, S; Bonù, L; Cagliero, R; Genta, G; Marchiandi, G; Galetto, M (2021)
Analysis of residual plastic deformation of blanked sheets out of automotive aluminium alloys through hardness map. In: IOP CONFERENCE SERIES: MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING, vol. 1193. ISSN 1757-8981
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