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Metodo e sistema per generare energia elettrica dal movimento in un mouse per computer. National and international patent

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Priority number(s): 2013IT-TO00642



The developed system, adapting the energy harvesting unit to the particular application, allows for making a computer mouse electrically autonomous. Moreover, the versatility of the design procedure, which combines methods for signal analysis, the modeling of the system and the optimization of the operating parameters, enables the development of devices that are suitable for a large variety of applications.;

Dispositivo per la preparazione di bevande e relativo procedimento. National patent

Priority number(s): 2011IT-TO00819


Metodo e sistema per generare energia elettrica in un pneumatico. National and international patent

Priority number(s): 2009IT-MI01901


Macchina per la preparazione di bevanda mediante infusione di un prodotto contenuto in una capsula o simile. National patent

Priority number(s): 2009IT-TO00603