Knowledge engineering management

The working group focuses its research on the integration among the activities of product development, production process and quality control. The Lean approach is adopted as a methodology to achieve the integration, improvement and innovation of the activities and resources involved in the product life cycle. A multidisciplinary approach allows the research team to operate in various technological and managerial fields that span the life cycle of the product.

  • Product lifecycle management (PLM)
    The PLM provides a Lean infrastructure for product development and information exchange involving production and process control. The working group has the knowledge to operate in commercial and open-source PLM environments.
  • Geometrical product specification (GPS)
    Management of dimensional and geometrical error helps to ensure product quality throughout its lifecycle. The GPS integrates the design (Specification) and control (Verification) activities in an innovative system of standardization. The working group has the expertise to apply the GPS approach to product development.
  • Manufacturing execution system (MES)
    Production monitoring and control is a natural consequence of Lean approach, which requires a thorough knowledge of the processes. The working group applies the monitoring and control techniques to manufacturing and logistics processes. Experiences were made within Zero defect manufacturing, Warehouse management and Additive manufacturing.
  • Production planning and control (ERP)
    The management of product/process development and the following production and maintenance are in charge of the ERP system, which must be implemented according to the Lean paradigm. The working group has the knowledge to operate in commercial and open source ERP environments.
  • Product and process virtualization
    The simulation tools contribute to the creation of a Cyber Physical System for the development, the innovation, the management and the digital control of the production system. The research group has operated in the Digital Mock-Up, in Computer Aided Manufacturing and Tolerancing, in discrete event simulation and, more generally, in the simulation of manufacturing and robotic processes.   


Selected funded research projects

  • Real Time Production Planning (RTPP)
    Production scheduling | Online monitoring | Predictive maintenance
    Octavic PTS - Eurodies Italia S.r.l.
  • Automazione sicura ed efficiente integrata con Industria 4.0 (SaGrIS4.0)
    Automated warehouses | Integrated manufacturing systems
    Eurofork  S.p.A.
  • Analisi delle prestazioni dei Sistemi di Movimentazione per magazzini Automatici (MOMA)
    Automated warehouses | Performance evaluation
    Eurofork S.p.A.
  • Study, design, development and realization of a reconfigurable production system for aeronautical gears, holistic of methods, fixtures, tools, coolant, measurement and human interaction (MANUM5)
    Automatic workpiece positioning | Online monitoring and optimization
    AVIO S.p.A. - IMT Favretto
  • Zero defects manufacturing
    Predictive maintenance | Online monitoring
    Centro Ricerche Fiat              
  • GREAT 2020
    Geometrical product specifications | Geometrical product verification
    AVIO S.p.A.
    Product life-cycle management
    Centro Ricerche Fiat - CRF



  • Monitoring systems
  • Quality
  • Lean manufacturing
  • PLM
  • MES