Pubblicazioni più recenti

Paolucci, Emilio; Franzè, Claudia (2021)
How process accumulation knowledge enables circular business model: a case study. In: 22nd CINet Conference, Organizing innovation for a sustainable future, Gothenburg, 13-15 September, pp. 151-160. ISBN: 978-90-77360-24-8 Download fulltext
Pellicelli, Anna Claudia; Franzè, Claudia (2021)
The Impact of Customer Education on the Perception of Made in Italy Products in the Agri-Food Sector. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS, vol. 10, pp. 35-52. ISSN 2160-9802
Pellicelli, Anna Claudia; Franzè, Claudia (2020)
Investigating why online purchasing push offline sales in the luxury market. In: 2020 Global Marketing Conference at Seoul: "Bridging Asia and the World: New Marketing and Management in Digitally Connected World", Seoul, November, 5-8, pp. 1462-1467. ISSN 1976-8699 Download fulltext
Pellicelli, Anna Claudia; Franzè, Claudia (2020)
Strategic implications of brand advocacy on consumer purchase decisions in the video game market. In: International Marketing Trends Conference Paris 2020, Parigi (FR), 16-18/01/2020. ISBN: 978-2-490372-09-6 Download fulltext
Pellicelli, Anna Claudia; Franzè, Claudia (2020)
Strategie di marketing internazionale: L’impatto della customer education sulla percezione del Made in Italy nel settore agroalimentare. In: 1° Interdisciplinary workshop on "Strategic decision-making in international context", Urbino (IT), 27/02/2020, pp. 115-128. ISBN: 978-88-31205-04-7 Download fulltext
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