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Schiavi, A.; Origlia, C.; Germak, A.; Barbato, G.; Maizza, G.; Genta, G.; Cagliero, R.; ... (2019)
Indentation modulus at the macro-scale level measured by Brinell and Vickers indenters by using the primary hardness standard machine at INRiM. In: ACTA IMEKO, vol. 8, pp. 3-12. ISSN 0237-028X Download fulltext
Galetto, Maurizio; Maculotti, Giacomo; Genta, Gianfranco; Barbato, Giulio; Levi, ... (2019)
Instrumented Indentation Test in the Nano‑range: Performances Comparison of Testing Machines Calibration Methods. In: NANOMANUFACTURING AND METROLOGY, vol. 2, pp. 91-99. ISSN 2520-8128
Barbato, Giulio; Germak, Alessandro; Genta, Gianfranco (2019)
Misurare per decidere. Misure e statistica di base.. Bologna, Società Editrice Esculapio, P. 304. ISBN: 9788893851169
Genta, Gianfranco; Maculotti, Giacomo; Barbato, Giulio; Levi, Raffaello; Galetto, ... (2018)
Effect of contact stiffness and machine calibration in nano-indentation testing. In: 6th CIRP Global Web Conference “Envisaging the future manufacturing, design, technologies and systems in innovation era”, Shantou (Cina), 23-25 ottobre 2018, pp. 208-212
Schiavi, Alessandro; Origlia, Claudio; Germak, Alessandro; Barbato, Giulio; Maizza, ... (2017)
Measurement of macro-scale indentation modulus using the primary hardness standard machines at INRiM. In: 13th Conference on the Measurement of Hardness, together with 23rd TC3 Conference on the Measurement of Force, Mass and Torque and 4th TC22 Conference on Vibration Measurement, Helsinki (Finlandia), 30 maggio - 1 giugno 2017. ISBN: 9781510844902
Verna, Elisa; Genta, Gianfranco; Minetola, Paolo; Barbato, Giulio; Galetto, Maurizio (2017)
Ball-plate based calibration of a 3D laser triangulation scanner. In: 2nd 3D Metrology Conference 2017, Aachen (Germania), 9-11 ottobre 2017
Barbato, Giulio; Genta, Gianfranco; Cagliero, Roberto; Galetto, Maurizio; Klopfstein, ... (2017)
Uncertainty evaluation of indentation modulus in the nano-range: Contact stiffness contribution. In: CIRP ANNALS, vol. 66, pp. 495-498. ISSN 0007-8506
Dalla Costa, Giuseppe; Genta, Gianfranco; Barbato, Giulio; De Chiffre, Leonardo; Hansen, ... (2017)
Accuracy assessment of an industrial actuator. In: 10th CIRP Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering - CIRP ICME '16, Ischia (Italia), 20- 22 luglio 2016, pp. 417-422
Barbato, Giulio; Cuffaro, Vincenzo; Curà, Francesca; Genta, Gianfranco; Mura, Andrea (2016)
Uncertainty evaluation of Ruiz parameter for spline coupling wear analysis. In: PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. PART C, JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, vol. 230, pp. 2888-2895. ISSN 0954-4062
Genta, Gianfranco; Minetola, Paolo; Barbato, Giulio (2016)
Calibration procedure for a laser triangulation scanner with uncertainty evaluation. In: OPTICS AND LASERS IN ENGINEERING, vol. 86, pp. 11-19. ISSN 0143-8166
D'Antonio, Gianluca; SAUZA BEDOLLA, Joel; Genta, Gianfranco; Ruffa, Suela; Barbato, ... (2016)
PLM-MES Integration: A Case-Study in Automotive Manufacturing. In: 12th IFIP WG 5.1 International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management in the Era of Internet of Things, PLM 2015, Doha; Qatar, 9 October 2015 through 21 October 2015, pp. 780-789. ISBN: 978-3-319-33110-2
Shtrepi, Louena; Astolfi, Arianna; D’Antonio, Gianluca; Vannelli, Giuseppe; Barbato, ... (2016)
Accuracy of the random-incidence scattering coefficient measurement. In: APPLIED ACOUSTICS, vol. 106, pp. 23-35. ISSN 0003-682X
Erriu, Matteo; Genta, Gianfranco; Madonna Ripa, Daniele; Buogo, Silvano; Pili, Francesca ... (2016)
Ultrasonic transparency of sonication tubes exposed to various frequencies: A metrological evaluation of modifications and uncertainty of acoustic pressures. In: MEASUREMENT, vol. 80, pp. 148-153. ISSN 0263-2241
Genta, Gianfranco; Germak, Alessandro; Barbato, Giulio; Levi, Raffaello (2016)
Metrological characterization of an hexapod-shaped Multicomponent Force Transducer. In: MEASUREMENT, vol. 78, pp. 202-206. ISSN 0263-2241
Palumbo, Stefano; Germak, Alessandro; Mazzoleni, Fabrizio; Desogus, Sergio; Barbato, ... (2016)
Design and metrological evaluation of the new 5 MN hexapod-shaped multicomponent build-up system. In: METROLOGIA, vol. 53, pp. 956-964. ISSN 0026-1394
Barbato, Giulio; Chiabert, Paolo; D’Antonio, Gianluca; De Maddis, Manuela; Lombardi, ... (2016)
Method for automatic alignment recovery of a spur gear. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH, vol. 54, pp. 4475-4486. ISSN 0020-7543
Bo, Elena; Shtrepi, Louena; Pelegrin Garcia, David; Barbato, Giulio; Astolfi, Arianna (2015)
Acoustical measurements in ancient theatres: uncertainty in prediction models. In: 1st international conference of Metrology for Archaeology, Benevento, 21-23 Ottobre 2015, pp. 106-111. ISBN: 978-88-940453-3-8
Aggogeri, Francesco; Barbato, Giulio; Genta, Gianfranco; Levi, Raffaello (2015)
Statistical modeling of industrial process parameters. In: 9th CIRP Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering - CIRP ICME '14, Capri (Italia), 23-25 luglio 2014, pp. 203-208
Erriu, Matteo; Genta, Gianfranco; Pili, Francesca Maria Giovanna; Barbato, Giulio; ... (2015)
Probing depth in periodontal pockets: In vitro evaluation of contributions to variability due to probe type and operator skill. In: PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. PART H, JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING IN MEDICINE, vol. 229, pp. 743-749. ISSN 0954-4119
Cagliero, Roberto; Barbato, Giulio; Maizza, Giovanni; Genta, Gianfranco (2015)
Measurement of elastic modulus by instrumented indentation in the macro-range: Uncertainty evaluation. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL SCIENCES, vol. 101-102, pp. 161-169. ISSN 0020-7403
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