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Vezzetti, Enrico; Piazzolla, Pietro; Tanzi, Leonardo (In stampa)
Sistema e metodo per processare immagini endoscopiche. N. brevetto: 102021000017525, propr. brevetto: Politecnico di Torino
Tanzi, Leonardo; Piazzolla, Pietro; Porpiglia, Francesco; Vezzetti, Enrico (2021)
Real-time deep learning semantic segmentation during intra-operative surgery for 3D augmented reality assistance. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMPUTER ASSISTED RADIOLOGY AND SURGERY. ISSN 1861-6410 Download fulltext
Giachino, M.; Aprato, A.; Ulrich, L.; Revetria, T. A.; Tanzi, L.; Vezzetti, E.; Masse, A. (2021)
Dynamic evaluation of THA components by prosthesis impingement software (PIS). In: ACTA BIO-MEDICA DE L'ATENEO PARMENSE, vol. 92. ISSN 0392-4203
Tanzi, Leonardo; Vezzetti, Enrico; Aprato, Alessandro; Audisio, Andrea; Massè, Alessandro (2020)
Computer-Aided Diagnosis System for Bone Fracture Detection and Classification: A Review on Deep Learning Techniques. In: An Introduction to Approaches and Modern Applications with Ensemble Learning / Yi-Tung Chan (editor), S.L., Nova Science Publisher, pp. 47-68. ISBN: 978-1-53618-680-2
Tanzi, Leonardo; Vezzetti, Enrico; Moreno, Rodrigo; Aprato, Alessandro; Audisio, Andrea; ... (2020)
Hierarchical fracture classification of proximal femur X-Ray images using a multistage Deep Learning approach. In: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY, vol. 133. ISSN 0720-048X
Tanzi, Leonardo; Piazzolla, Pietro; Vezzetti, Enrico (2020)
Intraoperative surgery room management: A deep learning perspective. In: THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL ROBOTICS AND COMPUTER ASSISTED SURGERY, vol. ercs2136. ISSN 1478-5951
Tanzi, Leonardo; Vezzetti, Enrico; Moreno, Rodrigo; Moos, Sandro (2020)
X-Ray Bone Fracture Classification Using Deep Learning: A Baseline for Designing a Reliable Approach. In: APPLIED SCIENCES, vol. 10. ISSN 2076-3417 Download fulltext
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