Joining Processes Laboratory (J-TECH)

The purpose of this laboratory is to provide scientific-technological innovation in the field of joining processes and integration issues for a wide range of components/applications.

A wide number of new materials with exceptional properties compared to traditional ones are now available, but their use remains much below their potential due to the problem of joining them reliably.

A reliable joining technology contributes to the demand for novel components with improved properties such as lightweight to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

The laboratory features the equipment and experience for process monitoring and modelling, as well as joint testing, numerical and experimental study and optimization of joining processes, both welding and mechanical based, such as: Resistance Spot Welding, MIG/MAG Welding, Laser Welding, Friction Stir Welding, Clinching, Self Piercing Riveting, etc.

The laboratory is actively cooperating with other departments of Politecnico di Torino, other universities and research centers, as well as industries.

Type Research laboratory