Management of production systems

The interests of the research group covers a quite large area that can divided into four different lines:

  • Planning and production control
    The line of research on programming and control of production is dedicated to the development of new management methods of production flows and of new scheduling orders techniques.
  • Product Life-cycle Management
    The research on the topic of product lifecycle management is focused on the definition of a structural model of PLM and subsequent implementation of its ontology, able to integrate into a software reference the general conceptual framework and demands arising from the case studies.
  • Analysis of the performance of enterprises networks
    The research topics concern the industrial organization of SMEs networks and the purposes are to define standard models derivable from the analysis of recent projects at European level and to define classes of performance indicators that may be relevant and usable for evaluating the performance of an industrial network.
  • Analysis of healthcare systems
    The research line on healthcare systems analysis concerns the modeling and the study of the delivery systems of healthcare services with a view to the healthcare network systems, transferring concepts and methods from the industrial engineering, with the aim to identify critical issues in the organization and management, and to propose corrective actions/improvement.

The lines of development will follow four research topics, in particular:

  • Support ICT innovations for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Methods for production planning and scheduling of Small and Medium Enterprises
  • Analysis of management methods and evaluation of SME networks
  • Modeling of health care systems



  • Enterprise Networks
  • PLM
  • Production Planning