Quantitative methods for decision aid

Two main research fields are developed and integrated to deal with decision problems in complex systems, with a multiplicity of involved stakeholders, and in contexts of organizational change.

In the first field, the research is focused on hard optimization problems by means of exact, heuristic and approximation approaches. The considered approaches aim at helping on one hand decision makers in real world applications and at tackling theoretical issues on the other hand. The research spans over various fields such as Telecommunication, Automation, Logistics with emphasis on Personnel Timetabling, Routing and Packing issues, Production Planning and Scheduling.  Both exact, approximation and heuristic techniques are applied.

In the second, research aims to develop and apply new tools of decision aid that integrate Problem Structuring Methods with Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in a context of knowledge acquisition, representation and management. Specific contexts, in which these integrated tools are used, are the processes of innovation design and management and technological and organizational change, in public sectors and in the “frontier” between enterprise and public administration. Recent applications were developed to aid  individual and collaborative decision in problems such as requirement identification for a new technology and profiling of the potential users, monitoring and control in the implementation processes, evaluation and selection of projects, multi-criteria evaluation of the enterprise performances  in different sectors (public services, automotive, social innovation).


Selected funded research projects

  • SMAT – Sistemi di monitoraggio avanzato del territorio
    Identification of the potential users and their requirements | UAV | Cognitive mapping | Actor network | Multi-criteria clustering
    Alenia - Selex Galileo
  • NEXT MIRS – Produzione integrata di pneumatici per alte prestazioni
    Production scheduling
  • FVI – Modelli matematici ed algoritmi decisionali
    Energy distribution optimization algorithms
    Microlux - Tubosider              
  • Facilito giovani
    Monitoring and multi-criteria evaluation of startup businesses | Social innovation 
    Comune di Torino - Osservatorio dell’economia civile della Camera di Commercio di Torino
  • Optimization tools for swarm applications
    Energy scheduling | Smart metering | Car pooling
    Telecom Italia



  • Operations Research
  • Combinatorial Optimization
  • Graph Theory
  • Multi-criteria analysis: evaluation and decision aid methods
  • Problem structuring methods