Pubblicazioni più recenti

Pilagatti, ADRIANO NICOLA; Vecchi, Giuseppe; Atzeni, Eleonora; Iuliano, Luca; Salmi, ... (2021)
Generative Design and new designers’ role in the manufacturing industry. In: 16th CIRP Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturing Engineering
Piscopo, Gabriele; Salmi, Alessandro; Atzeni, Eleonora; Iuliano, Luca; Marchiandi, ... (2021)
On the quality of electron beam melted thin-walled parts with curved surfaces. In: Progress in Digital and Physical Manufacturing
Pilagatti, A. N.; Piscopo, G.; Atzeni, E.; Iuliano, L.; Salmi, A. (2021)
Design of additive manufactured passive heat sinks for electronics. In: JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING PROCESSES, vol. 64, pp. 878-888. ISSN 1526-6125
Fontana, M.; Glorioso, M.; Pilagatti, A.; Moscoloni, C.; Mattiazzo, G. (2020)
Experimental validation of a FEM-aided structural design of an eco-sustainable high performance made skiff. In: 2019 IMEKO TC19 International Workshop on Metrology for the Sea: Learning to Measure Sea Health Parameters, MetroSea 2019, Genova (ITA), 2019, pp. 233-237
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