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Pubblicazioni più recenti

Hoshimov, Abror; Cagliano, ANNA CORINNA; Mangano, Giulio; Schenone, Maurizio; Grimaldi, ... (2022)
AS/R system travel time in class-based storage with different input-output point levels: a proposed formula. In: JOURNAL OF FACILITIES MANAGEMENT. ISSN 1472-5967
Hoshimov, Abror; Cagliano, ANNA CORINNA; Schenone, Maurizio; Inoyatkhodjaev, Jamshid (2021)
Implementation of Lean Manufacturing tools in emerging countries: evidence from Uzbek SMEs. In: 26th Proceeding of Summer School Francesco Turco, 2021, pp. 1-7. ISSN 2283-8996
Bartoli, Naomie; Revetria, Roberto; Morra, Emanuele; Galli, Gabriele; Williams, Edward; ... (2020)
The Multi Crane Scheduling Problem: A Comparison Between Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network Approaches based on Simulation Modeling. In: ICDS 2020, The Fourteenth International Conference on Digital Society, Valencia (E), November 21 – 25, 2020, pp. 94-101. ISBN: 978-1-61208-760-3
Schenone, M.; Mangano, G.; Grimaldi, S.; Cagliano, A. C. (2020)
An approach for computing AS/R systems travel times in a class-based storage configuration. In: PRODUCTION & MANUFACTURING RESEARCH, vol. 8, pp. 273-290. ISSN 2169-3277
Schenone, M.; Mangano, G.; Grimaldi, S.; Cagliano, A. C. (2019)
Estimating travel times in dual shuttle AS/RSS.: A revised approach. In: INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING COMPUTATIONS, vol. 10, pp. 405-420. ISSN 1923-2926
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