Management of innovation and operations

The activities of the research group of Management of Innovation and Operations investigates innovation as a whole, with a specific attention to the value chain, from the process of product development up to the activities that are necessary to bring the innovation to market. The research group investigates both the long-term strategic decisions and the operating decisions needed to devise the use of production inputs in the short and medium term, including financial engineering and firm organization’ choices. These issues are examined in the context of both the entrepreneurial and firm creation processes mainly linked to technological innovation.

The themes are investigated by setting relationships with big companies and small and medium size enterprises, in both manufacturing and service sectors, and with financial intermediaries, industrial associations, national and international public administrations and bridging institutions (e.g. incubators). The positioning of the group on such themes is carried out along the following research lines:

  • Innovation and organizational change in firms
    Analysis of the interdependencies between innovation in production processes and in products and services and the organizational change, investigated both at firm level and at the level of the supply chain. The topic is explored with a particular focus on digital innovation and on the transformation of the production systems in manufacturing sectors.
  • Product development and Engineering Design
    Analysis of the methods to develop new products and services, with a specific reference to the cognitive and decisional processes within complex settings, through the combination of both empirical and normative research.
  • Management of Operations
    Planning of service systems, production systems and distribution systems using both quantitative (optimization models, simulation, statistical techniques to analyze data) and qualitative tools for the study of decision-making processes and planning behaviors.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Analysis of the link between the role exerted by private equity, venture capital e and informal risk capital in Italy and the abilities of start-ups to grow, innovate and internationalize. Assessment of the dynamics for the creation of innovative start-ups and related performances.
  • Models of technology transfer of the results of university research
    Development of methodologies for the management and evaluation of patent portfolios. Instruments to evaluate technology trends through patent data and analysis of the markets for technology.


Selected funded research projects

  • IP L@b – Patent data analytics
    Patent portfolio management | Technology assessment
  • Innovation in Supply Chain and Manufacturing
    New work configuration and organization models in lean production and World Class Manufacturing | Supply chain innovation for parts inventory optimization
    CNH Industrial Italia - FCA
  • Strategic management of ICT-based innovation
    ICT governance and planning | ICT strategy and industrial change
    Intesa Sanpaolo
  • Innovazione e crescita di impresa nelle Piccole e medie imprese 
    Innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises | SMEs and internationalization in hi-tech sectors
    Camera di Commercio di Torino - Intesa Sanpaolo



  • Operation management
  • Innovation and organisation
  • Innovation management and product development
  • Intellectual property rights and technology transfer
  • Entrepreneurship, finance and innovation