Quality engineering

The Quality Engineering Group carries out research activities in the fields of Quality Management, Industrial Metrology and Statistical Process Control, with related applications both in the manufacturing field and in services. The main research topics range from dimensional metrology, with particular interest for Large Scale Dimensional Metrology (LSDM) systems, to quality control in production processes and products, to the design, management and control of service quality. During the years, interesting results have been obtained in the study of Quality Function Deployment (QFD), performance indicators (with special interest for bibliometric field) and diffusion of quality certifications (according to ISO 9000 standards).

In detail, the main research topics are:

  • Quality management and control in processes and production systems.
  • Analysis and forecasting techniques for determining the defectiveness in manufacturing processes.
  • Quality certification (ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and ISO/TS 16949).
  • Benchmarking and product/process analysis.
  • Quality Function Deployment (QFD).
  • Analysis and design of Performance Measurement Systems.
  • Analysis of performance indicators of production processes and services.
  • Analysis and design of bibliometric indicators for the evaluation of scientific scholars production.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the diffusion of innovative manufacturing technologies.
  • Large Scale Dimensional Metrology (LSDM): instruments and methods.
  • Design of methods for measurement planning and uncertainty evaluation.


Selected funded research projects

  • Posizionamento Strategico dell’aeroporto di Torino
    Strategic plan | Service quality
    SAGAT - Turin Airport
  • CIRA PMS – Performance Measurement System (definition of indicators for management incentive system)
    Research quality | Performance indicators
    Italian Aerospace Research Center (CIRA)
  • Performance indicators for the evaluation of Call Center service quality
    Service quality | Performance indicators
    Comune di Torino - Italian Association for Quality Culture (AICQ)              
  • Analysis of correlations among Customer Satisfaction indicators and design specifications of car components
    Customer satisfaction | Design specifications
    FIAT Automotive S.p.A.
  • Evaluation of S.O. (Service Operations) quality (definition of indicators for the S.L.A. – Service Level Agreement among RAI and its suppliers)
    Service quality | Performance indicators
    RAI ICT (ICT division of the Italian broadcasting company)



  • Quality engineering
  • Statistical process control
  • Service quality management
  • Performance indicators
  • Industrial metrology


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